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Do you need to equip your agricultural sprayers or to replace the nozzles present on your agricultural machines? Agricolors offers you spare parts and accessories for all agricultural equipment reserved for operators, Agricultural work companies, agricultural professionals, Cooperative for the agricultural equipment usage, resellers and repairers.

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The spray nozzle is designed to expel products bound to the fertilisers and phytosanitary products spreading. They are the essential wear parts to protect and to accompany crops from seed to harvest. The sprayer nozzle releases droplets via liquid fertilisers pressure or any other liquid product. Spraying techniques in the agricultural environment concern the cereal growers, winegrowers, arborists trades, etc.

The different nozzles types

The nozzles shape varies depending on the crop field. There are several nozzles types, but the main nozzles used are flat fan nozzles and air injection nozzles. Several characteristics vary according to the jet shape, the droplets size, the drift and the treatment type.

In the field of spraying, here are the different nozzles types:

  • Slit nozzles: ideal for large crops, the projection is powerful and efficient (between 1,5 and 3 bars for optimal size droplets formation). Nevertheless, they are sensitive to high pressure wind.
  • Air injection nozzles: In order to reduce drift, air is mixed with the liquid to ensure a more heterogeneous droplet distribution than with a traditional slit nozzle. More and more used, they exist in several formats in order to reply to environmental, climatic and required expectations.
  • Flat fan nozzles: this nozzle type has the distinctive characteristic of linear manner spraying with larger droplets than other sprayers. There are three kinds of flat fan nozzles: the elliptical orifice, the deflection and the air mister.
  • Cone nozzles: This conical shaped jet has a large droplets concentration on the nozzle rim. The main cone nozzle advantage is that it produces very small droplets for a fast heat transfer. There are four nozzles types able to produce a hollow cone nozzle: the spirals, the misters, powered by tangential turbulence and axial turbulences.
  • Flood nozzles: they allow for evenly distributed droplets spraying. The liquid is sent in a rectangular shape to the ground.
  • Dosing orifice plate nozzle: Dosing orifice plates are often fitted to the rear of cultivator harrows for depth injection of liquid fertilizers and crop protection products. They are also used for a straight line spray surface application.

How to choose your agricultural nozzle?

The sprayer nozzle choice is made according to several criteria. You have to take into account the ground specificity, if there are reliefs, the surface to be sprayed width, etc.

You must also choose your sprayer part according to the weather conditions: wind speed, ambient humidity, rain, the surface to be sprayed in full or in bands.

Each nozzle allows for a different flow/pressure ratio for more or less thin and powerful drops. Thanks to a color code (yellow, red, blue, gray, black, etc.), you can identify, to the naked eye, the different nozzles according to the distance between each nozzle. Also note that there are several materials like brass, steel, ceramic, etc.

Among the nozzle manufacturers available in the Agricolors catalog, find the manufacturer brands of Hardi nozzles, Albuz nozzles, Teejet nozal nozzles, Arag nozzles, Hypro nozzles, Lechler nozzles.

Find all the sprayer parts you need: sprayer maintenance, nozzle holder and accessory , filters , pumps , connectors , valves , pipes , and spray nozzles .

How to maintain your agricultural nozzle?

You can maintain your nozzles by using suitable caps or cleaning your sprayers after each use with a water cleaning cycle. There are dedicated cleaning bombs plus adapted brushes in addition to the daily tidying of your agricultural nozzles.

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