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On Agricolors, you will find all the spare and wear parts for seed drills. Discover a wide quality agricultural parts range at the best price for many brands.

What is a seed drill?

A seed drill is an agricultural machine used to carry out the seeds sowing. The grain or multigrain seeder is a tool that allows a regular, in-line and deep sowing of all seeds. The seeds conveyance, between the distribution parts and the shoes, is possible thanks to an air flow through feed pipes or thanks to gravity. Then, the seeds are planted using an organ made of aluminum discs (chosen according to the seeds type) and the seed drill mechanical wheel.

What are the different seed drills types?

Depending on the sowing crops and cultivation techniques, there are different seed drills types.

The integrated seed drill with soil cultivation ensure a single pass for soil and sowing preparation, it is combined with a rotary harrow.

The seed drill for direct sowing and relining enables to ensure sowing without preliminary soil cultivation, while respecting the soil structure. It is used to sow seeds of cereals, peas, rape and various fodder seeds. Some models use double discs to ensure the formation of the furrow or even an alternative harrow.

The packer roller seed drill is simple and robust, but enables seeds distribution between the two roller rows so that they are buried. Nevertheless, it does require the use of ploughing beforehand.

The seed drill for broadcast sowing is often made in a traditional way. It closely looks like fertiliser spreaders, and helps to ensure the localisation of seeds under the row in the case of full grass cover.

The precision planter is specially designed for sowing corn, sunflower, sorghum and rape. The seed is placed at regular and precise intervals, thanks to a perforated disc and a vacuum turbine.

How to adjust a planter?

To optimise the sowing, you must take care to adjust correctly the seeder. Several settings should be checked before sowing.

- Check the flow rate control to choose the sown quantity per hectare, it is adjusted according to flow rate proportional to progress (DPA).

- Check the space of the sowing lines by moving the fastening arms of the sowing shoes.

- Adjust the depth of the sowing planting using a centralised control and adjusting the depth, during work, according to the ground nature.

- The markers are adjusted in relation to the external coulters. It is calculated according to the working width (L), the distance between the lines (E) and the track of the marker (V). The distance between tracers and external coulters = (L + E-V) / 2

What are the seed drill brands?

All our spare parts are "manufacturer's origin" certified or of equivalent controlled quality. We can provide you all the spare parts for Amazone seeders , for Kuhn seed drills , for Lemken seed drills , for Horsch planters , for Kverneland seeders , for Monosem Ribouleau seed drills , for Maschio Gaspardo planters , etc.

How to maintain your seed drill?

To maintain your seed drill, Agricolors recommends you to regularly check the wear of the seed coulters to increase the precision of the open furrow. To examine the wear of the selector disc and teeth to ensure a better waterproofness. Watch the tire pressure and finally, review the blower to homogenise the distribution. Trust Agricolors for your planter parts. If your part is not on our website, contact our technical advisers who will find it and offer it to you at the best price.

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