Agricultural tractors seats

You need to replace the your tractor’s seat , your combine harvester’s seat, your forage harvester’s seat, your telehandler seat? Agricolors offers you quality seats adapted to all your agricultural equipment cabins reserved for operators, agricultural work companies, agricultural professionals, Cooperatives for the agricultural equipment usage, resellers and repairers.

What is an agricultural seat?

An agricultural tractor seat is an essential comfort equipment for your tractor cab, but also for your combine harvester, your forage harvester, your telehandler, or your self-propelled sprayer.

A seat is a cabin element enabling the agricultural machine driver to receive a comfortable seat in order to reduce the difficult agricultural working conditions, but also during road transport or handling work.

The different agricultural seats types

There are different seats for your farm tractor types:

  • Compact seats : These seats are of reduced width and height in order to be able to equip machines with a compact cab like a vineyard tractor, a telehandler or a forklift loader.
  • Mechanical seats : Mechanical suspension seats are the most commonly used seats on older agricultural tractors, but are also the cheapest seats of all ranges. The mechanical suspension, however, enables to obtain an appreciable driving comfort.
  • Inflatable seats : Inflatable suspension seats are the most comfortable seats on the market thanks to a suspension mainly done by air cushion inflated by a compressor requiring a power supply

How to choose your agricultural tractor seat?

The choice of an agricultural seat is happening according to several criteria:

  • You must first take into account your cab available space in order to choose a compact seat or a standard width seat.

  • You also have to choose the suspension type you want (mechanical or inflatable) in relation to the comfort type you need. For example with backache, it is desirable to opt for an inflatable suspension seat.

  • And finally your seat coating type is an important element to take into account for comfort, aesthetics, but also whether there is a cab on your tractor or not. For example, for a tractor without a cab, it will be better to opt for a cover seat made of PVC and not in fabric

Among the seats manufacturers available in the Agricolors catalog, find the manufacturers brands of Grammer seats , of Kab Seating , or Granit seats.

The technical experts of Agricolors will be happy to guide you in the choice of your seat in order to guarantee you a perfect comfort and adaptability with your agricultural machine.

Find all the tractor seats you need: compact seats , mechanical suspension seats , tractor seat covers , seats parts and accessories < / span>

How to find a cheaper agricultural seat?

Agricolors selects the cheapest seats for you in order to provide you with good price-quality ratio.

Thus, you will find inexpensive tractor seats but of robust and comfortable quality in order to satisfy your needs.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items