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On Agricolors, you will find all the necessary hoses for your sprayer and seeder maintenance. Our website is the ideal solution, consult our different categories from now.

What is a sprayers and seeders hose/pipe?

The sprayers and seeders hose is a constant section tube, which can be rigid or flexible, which is used for a fluid or a powdery liquid product circulation, but also of solid elements with air or gas.

What are a hose different uses?

There are several pipes types that allow for different uses depending on the agricultural equipment used and the matter to be transported.

Flat pipes are pipes mainly used for agricultural land irrigation.

Braided hoses are used for an usage with an expected pressure between 20 and 40 bars, these hoses are mainly used for agricultural sprayers.

The spiral ringed pipes < / a> are the most used hoses for a suction usage in whether for air, liquid or gas, these pipes are resistant to abrasion and tear.

There are also PVC pipes with steel spiral which allow for a better flexibility but also a high resistance to aggressive liquids.

To maintain your seeder or your sprayer, discover our different hoses/pipes ranges < / span> and find the replacement hose you are looking for!

What material brand do the hoses/pipes fit on?

All of our sprayers and seeders hoses are universal and can, therefore, be adapted to all brands but also all agricultural equipment types. You just need to check the hose type, its usage, its length and its diameter. Trust Agricolors for your seeders and sprayers hoses. If your part is not on our website yet, contact our technical advisers who will find it and offer it to you at the best price.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 44 items