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Quicke loader part

The Alo company, which has the Quicke society, was created in Sweden by Karl-Ragnar Åström. The company produces and commercialises skips, counterweights, several manure and silage handling tools, several round bales handling tools, several pallet forks as well as front loaders.

Quicke loader part in factory

In 2018, in China, a new production plant was inaugurated. This site of 22 170 m² is the most modern production plant in the world. Strict procedures, used in the loaders production, enable procurement of equipment and machines even more efficient.

Since its opening, Quicke could double its production capacity while producing 100 000 tools a year (50 000 at the beginning). It is also located nearby the largest port in the world, which is ideal for export.

A Quicke factory was also opened in France, in Charente-Maritime more precisely. It’s aim is to adapt loaders to the different machines models through diverse modifications.

The main Quicke products

Q-Companion, the connected loader

As an option, this additional tool mounts on the loader in order to collect a combination of data on handling. Weighing during handling intervention, enables the amount of forage yield in a plot, for example.  The calculation of the working time also helps the driver to organize its activities through understanding the time spent on a handling activity. The whole of the collected data can then be downloaded thanks to a QR code. Information is available for consultation on mobile phone and computer.

The presence of several position and precision sensors also enables the driver to be advised when upkeep is needed. Interventions, like the retightening or the greasing, can be made at regular intervals while reducing costs. In this way, the Quicke loader part replacement can be planned in advance in order to cushion expenditure and being operational all the time.

Quicke front loader Q series

This series is composed of 20 loaders models with or without parallelogram. They are made up of cast iron and forged steel parts in the region of several exposed areas of the arm, hinges and the front parts. What guarantees them a good resistance over time.

The loader arm is beveled at the top and at the back, and the crosswise tube is located at the bottom in order to gain more visibility while driving.

Those devices are also compatible with the Q-Companion and the Q-Link. This is a practical and secured option. The loader’s parallelogram also consists of a beveled and curved design which follows the bonnet design, while giving a better lifting capacity.

Quicke loader part on Agricolors

Think of the maintenance of your front loader in order to remain efficient during your handling activities. The agricultural handling equipment is representative of substantial investment, that is why it is important to regularly renew weary parts. With Agricolors, find the Quicke loader part you need, as soon as possible.

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