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Precision Planter Parts

Before starting your precision sowing work, it is important to be well equipped. So, remember to renew your stock of single-grain seeder spare parts with Agricolors. We offer all the spare parts for the biggest brands of precision seed drills such as Ribouleau Monosem.

What is a precision seeder used for?

The precision seeder, also called a monoseed seeder, has a very special role in tillage. Indeed, on a field or a plot, the precision or monoseed seeder allows seeds to be placed at regular intervals on a line. It is used for crops requiring a row spacing of at least 25 cm and requiring precise seed placement, such as corn, sunflower, rapeseed, peas, beans, beets, chicory, soy, etc. Generally, single-grain seed drills are equipped with an individual hopper per row and distribution element.

The seeds then pass through organs such as the distribution discs and are buried in the ground thanks to a coulter, which can be preceded by a clod remover and followed by a wheel or roller to cover the seed and firm the soil in order to to guarantee maximum contact between the soil and the seed There are two types of precision seed drills: with mechanical or pneumatic distribution. Typically, a planter is mounted, but can also be trailed or semi-mounted.

The different types of monoseed seeder

There are therefore two types of precision seed drill:

  • The single-grain seeder with mechanical distribution: It is equipped with discs fitted with cells of the size of the seeds to be sown, which bring the seeds evenly to the level of the coulter where they are released by gravity.
  • The single-grain seed drill with pneumatic distribution: It is equipped with a turbine to distribute the seeds pneumatically. By vacuum distribution, the seeds are sucked from the hopper by vacuum and fixed on the holes of the distribution disc. When the hole concerned arrives at the pass without depression, the seed is released and falls at the level of the sowing coulter. By distribution by overpressure, the seeds are fixed by pressurized air in peripheral funnels of a rotating vertical disc. The seed is released towards the seed coulter thanks to an ejector finger.

Precision seed drills are generally used at low working speed in order to guarantee optimum precision, but there are also high-speed single-grain seed drills which allow sowing at a speed of 6 to 20 km/h, in particular the Tempo seed drills from Väderstad., You will also find on all the parts for your Tempo Väderstad seeder.

What brands of monoseed seeder are available on Agricolors?

Agricolors sells seeder parts, Ribouleau Monosem precision seeder parts, but also parts for precision seeders. In the world of stubble cultivators, we provide different brands through original spare parts or controlled equivalent parts, in order to meet all needs and different budgets. Thus, you can choose from spare parts for Amazone precision seed drills, for Kuhn precision seed drills, for John Deere precision seed drills, for Maschio precision seed drills, for Kverneland precision seed drills, etc. Thousands of agricultural spare parts for precision seed drills, to make your agricultural work even more efficient!

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