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What is a front loader?

The front loader is a device used on tractors to handle agricultural products such as fertiliser bags, fodder bales, manure, etc.

The front loader mades up of two arms activated by hydraulic cylinders controlled directly from the tractor cab. Hydraulic energy is supplied by a hydraulic pump on the tractor. A front loader can also be used to repair your farm machinery and change tires on a combine harvester.

What are the front loader components?

The front loader has got hinges called "the frame", which enable the loader to be quickly hitched up and unhitched. The arms manage the equipment lifting and are fitted at the ends with clevis, to adapt different equipment according to the product nature to be handled: bucket, silage bucket, bale grabber, pallet lift, etc. Very often, the arms are equipped with dual effect hydraulic cylinders to enable the equipment longitudinally inclination.

The loader handling equipment (bucket, manure fork, silage bucket, bale grab) allow for the loads gripping, stabilization during handling and unloading.

To convert your loader hitch with other brands, discover our different front loaders hook interfaces in kit form.

What are the front loaders brands?

All our spare parts are "manufacturer's origin" certified or of equivalent controlled quality. We can help you to find your hook-up interfaces for front loaders: Mx Mailleux , Stoll , Alo Quicke , JCB . < / p>

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Showing 1 - 20 of 34 items