Front earths and front bumpers 

Front earths and front bumpers

Discover our front earths and front bumpers catalog

On Agricolors, you will find all the front earth and all the front bumpers in order to equip your tractor. Our website is the ideal solution, consult our different tractor front accessories a> categories as of now.

What is a front ground?

A front earth is a different tonnages weight, made most of the time of cast iron or concrete. Fitted with a 3-point hitch which enables it a quick and easy hanging up in order to ballast your tractor at the front or at the back and allow for a better conditions work.

There are also “Jerrican” earths which allow for a hand-positioning on the tractor, obviously several must be assembled in order to ensure a substantial weight.

What is a tractor front bumper?

A tractor bumper is an equipment which protects your tractor front, given that it will have different functions:

  • A signposting function in order to materialize the tractor width and to indicate it thanks to marker lights, reflectors but also reflective strips
  • A safety function concerning road users. In fact during a frontal collision, the bumper will enable prevent an outsider vehicle integrating under the tractor, and thus, prevent it crushing by the tractor
  • An aesthetically function : you will be proud to bring a modernism and aesthetics touch to your tractor thanks to customisable bumpers in the colors of all the biggest tractors brands. / li>

Quality earths and bumpers

All our tractors bumpers and earths , are selected by Agricolors , in collaboration with its best suppliers in order to always offer you more security and solidity.

Do not hesitate to ask our experts for advice if you would like more information!