Tractors and agricultural filters

Do you need to make an oil-change and replace your tractor filters? Agricolors offers you all agricultural equipment spare parts and accessories reserved for farmers, agricultural work companies, agricultural professionals, cooperative for the agricultural equipment usage, resellers and repairers.

What are your tractor filters for?

The filters of your tractor are designed for retain solid particles circulating through a liquid or air. These are essential wear parts to protect your tractor engine, gearbox and hydraulic pump. A filter will, thus, retain all the impurities present inside the path in order to prevent a premature wear and your agricultural equipment mechanical elements deterioration. It is indicated in each agricultural machine maintenance guide, how often the filter must be replaced.

The different agricultural tractor filters types:

The filters shape varies depending on their use. There are several filters types, but the main ones are oil filters, air filters, hydraulic filters and cab filters. Many characteristics vary depending on the filter, in cartridge, to screw-in, to fit-in…

For tractor filters, here come the different filters types:

  • Engine oil filters: Engine oil filters are filters which are able to strain your engine's oil and to retain impurities to guarantee its performance, functioning and longevity

  • Hydraulic oil filters: Hydraulic oil filters are used to filter impurities which are present in the hydraulic path oil for not damaging the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic distributors of the tractor.

  • Fuel filters: The fuel filter or diesel filter enable the fuel filtration in order to eliminate the tank bottom residues from the path. This is to prevent injection pump and injector problems.

  • Air filters: Air filters enable to give clean air to the engine, dust free air in order to ensure an increased performance and a lower consumption.

  • Cab filters: Cab filters strain the dust present in the air to ensure a healthy air in the tractor cab for the driver. There are also carbon cabin filters which, in addition to dust filtering, retain the phytosanitary products chemical molecules in order to prevent their inhalation by the tractor driver.

  • AdBlue filters: On latest generation tractors and machines which are fitted with exhaust gas treatment by an AdBlue solution injection, it is necessary to have an AdBlue filter in order to retain impurities present in the path.

How to choose a filter for its tractor?

The choice of a filter for your tractor comes about according to several criteria. You need the filter type you are looking for, engine oil filter or fuel filter for example…

The original reference must also be found in relation to spare parts catalog < / a> of your tractor or agricultural machine.

Or select your model in the Agricolors website menu in order to find your tractor or agricultural machine filter that you are looking for.

On Agricolors you have the choice between an original manufacturer filter or an adaptable one with an equivalent quality to the original.

Among the filter manufacturers available on the Agricolors catalog, find manufacturers brands like: Hifi Filter , Mann filters, Donaldson filters…

Find all the filters you need: Tractor filter , Combine harvester filter , Forage harvester filter , Telehandlers filter , Self-propelled filter , Sprayer filter , Grape harvester filter , etc…

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