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Fendt is a German company created in 1930 which belongs to the AGCO Corporation group. During its creation and several years, the manufacturer had focused on its very first agricultural tractor production. But, subsequent to the World War II and thanks to a large agricultural machinery demand rise, Fendt has attained to develop itself and the Dieselross F12 L with 12 horsepower model, which was produced in 1953, has caused the brand renown.

It is with this development that the Favorit, Farmer, Vario ranges have could see the light of day.


Vario, a revolution in the field of transmissions

The continuously variable transmission, or Vario, is a method of transmission with high yield laid out in 1995 by the manufacturer Fendt. This hydromechanical transmission enables the exploitation of the hydraulic and mechanical advantages since it is possible for the user to engage the speeds without declutch.

It is thanks to this innovation established on a Favorit 926 that Fendt received a gold medal at the SIMA in 1997. In 2015, the VarioDrive variant for high power tractors had been presented at the Agritechnica. This new continuously variable transmission model allows, in addition to the automatic distribution of the engine power until de four wheels, the optimisation of the tractor’s yield and the amelioration of the driver’s comfort.

The company, for the sake of the quality of its innovations development, makes in its factory the Vario transmissions as well as its entire Fendt tractor part range.

At the same time as the development of its tractors ranges and their innovations, Fendt has commercialised several combine harvesters, round and square balers ranges.



The Fendt environmental approach


The manufacturer of the famous green tractors has known how to be compatible with the new worries concerning the Blue Planet protection. Several actions has been established on the subject of the production, the commercialised products and the supply chain, in order to increase the energy efficiency of the company.

Then, the lighting and energizing systems have been improved and the company has partially converted to the renewable energies. Generally, Fendt endeavours to use and produce machines in accord with their environmental approaches. It is in this way that the many technologies have been set up in the Fendt tractors, like the Vario transmission. The brand varied technological advances enable the farmers to save 336 million of litre of diesel fuel each year, in the world. In comparison, the French diesel fuel consumption attains 330 million of litre in 10 years.

In addition to the renewable energies usage, the German manufacturer invests a lot in the local production by having its own production line based in Marktoberdorf (Germany). The parts which are not manufactured by the group are bought as close as possible to the company, since 66% of the Fendt suppliers are based in German and 28% are located in others European countries.


Original and adaptable Fendt tractor part


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