Breeding Spreading 

On Agricolors, you will find all your livestock farming and spreading equipment spare parts. Discover a wide quality agricultural parts range at the best price for your fertiliser spreaders, slurry tankers, microgranulator seeders, mixers and silage cutter with straw blowers. We will find you spare parts of these equipment types for the biggest breeding and spreading brands.

Spreading, a precise and rigorous activity for your farm

- Spreading: It consists of spreading a soil-enriching agent over the crops and the soils through a spreader, a distributor or a slurry tanker.

A soil-enriching agent is an added product to the soils to increase their fertility by improving their pH, structure or nutritional elements. Soil-enriching agents are consequently used in agronomy and gardening to make the lands better and more productive. One of the best known soil-enriching agents is whitewash, which is used to reduce the soils acidity. The used material to spread the soil-enriching agents depends on the soil improver type as well as the soil enricher substance (liquid or solid). Thus, different techniques are used like:

- The solid fertilisers spreading: The solid fertilisers granules are spreading on the plot thanks to an equipment called: distributor or fertiliser spreader.

- The liquid fertiliser spreading: It is mainly carried out by a liquid phytosanitary products sprayer thanks to its wide spray boom.

- The spreading of slurry: The slurry spreading is an operation wich consists in spreading on crops and plots, waste mainly from livestock dropping and urine such as bovines, poultry and porcines.

- Fertiliser spreaders or distributors spare parts

- Slurry tankers spare parts

What equipment can we find in our Breeding category?

In the Breeding Spreading category, Agricolors offers you a wide new and original parts range at the best price for your mixer, silage cutter and straw blower to feed your livestock.

- Fodder mixers spare parts

- silage cutters and straw blowers spare parts

Find all the technical parts you need for your mixers, silage cutters and straw blowers, etc.

Our advice to guide you in the choice of your breeding and spreading equipment spare parts

To facilitate your search for your fertilizer distributor, your slurry tanker, your mixer or your straw silage cutter parts, arm you with the machine brand and type, the original part reference and dimensions you want to replace. Its information is available on your old invoice or directly on the part. If you are looking for:

- One part per equipment brand: access via the "Breeding Spreading" category then select the spare parts family allowing you to choose the brand then its model

- A mechanical part: type directly the reference into the search bar, or search for your part in the tractor parts menu by family.

If you cannot find your part or have a doubt about it, contact our advisers. They can provide you with guidance to an adaptable or an original part depending on your breakdown, the agricultural equipment model and brand.

Agricolors, your agricultural spare parts specialist

Agricolors offers you spare parts, accessories for all agricultural equipment reserved for agricultural professionals, agricultural work companies, operators, cooperatives for the agricultural equipment usage. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with our customers through a good product at the best price and quality service: zero defect, zero surprises, zero returns! Thus, all our spare parts are "manufacturer's origin" certified or of equivalent controlled quality. We can supply you all your breading and spreading equipment spare parts for the brands: Amazone, Kuhn, Kverneland, Sulky, Vicon, Lucas, Jeantil, Jurop etc. Trust Agricolors for your breeding and spreading spare parts.

If your part is not on our website yet, contact our technical advisers who will find it and offer it to you at the best price.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 188 items